How To Improve Your RUST Server

RUST LogoLots of players create RUST servers, but only a few manage to create great RUST servers.

Why is this, you might ask? Well to put it simply, players like to play on RUST worlds that keep them engaged and have lots other players to play with.

How do you get lots of players and keep players engaged? The answer is persistence and an understanding of players expectations.

Everyone has played the Vanilla version of RUST, they want something new, something exciting, which is what you’re going to give them.

My 3 Tips On How To Improve Your RUST Server

This guide will highlight some easy and quick ways to improve your server, making it more appealing to players looking for something new and reliable.

1. Add Plugins

Running a Vanilla Rust server is great for new players, but the base-game can get repetitive over time, which is why most players add plugins to their servers.

Plugins allow players to add content to the game that has been created by community modders.

The most popular plugins can be added by downloading the Oxide mod that was created by the uMod community.

uMod RUST Hub

They also host a collection of Plugins that can be applied to RUST servers to change how the game works, plays and looks.

To drastically improve your server in a short space of time you should download and install the Oxide mod.

Try a few different plugins and install the ones that match your players criteria.

Below is a short list of popular RUST plugins on uMod:

  • Gather Manager – Allows you to increase the max items gained from all resources on the map.
  • RUST Kits – Create custom packages and item kits for selected player conditions. Kit cooldowns can be applied and more.
  • Stack Size Controller – Increase the maximum stack size of any item in the game. Each item can be changed individually.
  • NTeleportation – Add a multi layered teleportation network on your server that both players and admins can use.
  • Vanish – Become invisible with this mod. Admins can grant players this permission.
  • Admin Radar – Worried about a cheater on your server? With admin radar you can easily pinpoint players who are ruining the server.

All Oxide plugins are small and compatible with each other so you will need to pick your favorite plugins and install them on your server to create your unique experience.

For a full list of RUST plugins visit the uMod Website.

2. Change Game Modes

If you want to engage your players you should try offering them different game modes.

The default mode is great but it’s nice to mix things up to keep your community excited about playing on your server.

Game Modes Example

You could even allow them to take part in a vote that will determine your next choice.

This is a great way to involve your players as invested players stick around for longer.

Try out these game modes to spice things up:

Battle Royale

If you’re a fan of games like Fornite or PUBG then Battle Royale mode allows you to create your own last man standing match within the RUST universe.

It’s a formula that has worked with so many games including ARK and Minecraft which also have a Battle Royale Mode.

The game mode is very popular, which is great for players who want to attract new players to their server.

Raid Simulators

Want to practice your raiding skills? Just download a Raid Simulator and practice until you’re confident enough to lead your own team of marauders.

Raid Loot

The simulator is a predefined raid location that you will either need to defend or attack.

Players are given weapons at the start of the round and you can even re-spawn on death.

It’s perfect for improving your accuracy and raid management skills.


This game-mode is for players who hate having to collect resources, only to spend hours grinding for the top tier items.

With Battlefield you have access to all the weapons at the start of the game. The main purpose of the mode is to fight. No resources needed!

Creative Mode

Looking for a game mode that has a more relaxed vibe?

Why not try Creative Mode and let your inner architect sculpt the landscapes and build without resource restrictions.

Building In RUST

This is perfect for players that want to take time off raiding and fighting.

Create solo or with friends both options are available.

3. Upgrade Your Server

Having a low quality server will impact the experience of your players. This can be due to the lack of resources such as RAM and CPU.

Alternatively you may be renting a service from a provider who never replies to support tickets or allows your server issues to go unresolved.

If this is the case, it’s time to upgrade.

Swap Hosting

If you are hosting a server locally or your current game server provider is failing to meet your needs swap over to a better one.

The best RUST servers are hosted by a dedicated server that gives their players the best performance money can buy.

No lag and 99.9% up-time. Home

RUST players want to join servers that are fast, smooth and always online.

If your current server sucks do yourself a favour, read my “How to choose a RUST server hosting provider” article or rent one from the cheapest “reliable” hosts on the homepage.

Increase Server Resources

If your current provider is doing a good job hosting your server but you notice lag, you may want to contact them.

They may suggest that you need to increase the size of your server. Which means it may be time to spend a little more money.

Try to rent a package that has more resources i.e RAM, CPU and hard disk space.

This will allow you to host more players on your world and add more plugins with minimal lag.


Improving your server doesn’t have to cost anything at all.

It’s easy to do and can be swapped to a new game mode, changed to a different server or fully modded in under thirty minutes.

It’s that simple.

However, it will depend on the type of games you like to play and what you expect to get out of your server, to summarize here are the top ways to improve your server and entice new players.

  1. Change the game with plugins using the Oxide Mod.
  2. Try different game modes. Your players and community will enjoy a change once in a while. You could even let them vote on what mode to try next.
  3. Consider upgrading your server. Laggy servers are not fun to join. You will struggle to keep players on your server if it’s always crashing or hard to play on.