How to Choose A RUST Hosting Provider

I have put together this huge guide of all my useful information concerning game server hosting to help you pick the right RUST server provider. I hope this can be of use and paired with the resources I have prepared on the home page it should save you money and reduce wasted time.

Choosing a Public Server To Play On

RUST LogoJoining a public server is the quickest way to start playing RUST with other people. There are thousands of servers that are active on a daily basis and are each unique in their own way. Each server will offer you something different depending on a number of conditions. If you’re unhappy with the world that you are currently playing on, it’s simple to return to the lobby and find a new one. You can also check public server lists on third party sites if you’re looking for more niche servers.

Areas to consider when choosing a public server:


There are two options when it comes to your playing style. PVP “Player vs Player” or PVE “Player vs Environment.” PVP caters more toward advanced RUST players that know how to handle themselves. If you’re confident with your skills as a survivor and know how to defend against raids, PVP servers are perfect for you. It’s fast paced and challenges even the best players.

If you’re looking for a more casual experience or you’re relatively new to the game I would suggest joining a PVE server. The game moves at a slower pace and other players tend to work together rather than against each other. Playing against the environment is a great place to improve your skills and learn more about the game.

Helpful admins and friendly players

RUST can be very difficult if you’re playing on a server with non-responsive admins and unfriendly players. Join multiple servers and ask if the admins are active in the world. If a server has a dedicated discord or TeamSpeak channel ask to join it. Chatting with other players on the server will help you become more involved with the community. You can usually get a feeling for the type of experience you will have based on the players you speak to.

Original or modded servers

I would usually suggest that first time and newer players start with the Vanilla RUST experience.

There is plenty to learn and you don’t want to add additional content into the mix when you’re first starting.

RUST uMod Hub

RUST has a steep learning curve and its best to stay focused on the fundamentals if you’re a new player. It’s best to try out a modded server once you have adapted and figured out all of the basic mechanics of the game.

Player capacity

Player capacities range from 1 to 500+ Players. Smaller servers are usually less competitive and give you a better chance of survival. Whereas large servers are usually more tribal and PVP based. If you’re looking for a casual experience I would suggest joining a server with less than 10 players.

Server location

Choose a server that is located near you. If you want the best experience with other players that speak your language.

For example I would choose an English speaking server because it’s the only language I speak. If I choose a server in Brazil I would be further away from the server causing latency problems and I wouldn’t be able to speak Portuguese. Both these factors would significantly affect my experience as a player.

RUST Server Locations

If you already have experience playing on other players’ servers you may want to set your own world up. In order to do this you will first need to choose a server hosting provider. To make this decision easier I have included my own personal research and tips in this article to help you.

Getting the most out of your own RUST server

Creating your own server is a great way to have more control over your RUST world. You can choose the mods you add and change the environment to suit you and your player base. You can allocate the server as a PVP or PVE game based on your play style and drastically change the settings.

RUST Gather Tree Rate

You may want to increase the gather rate of items, turn off decay if you don’t play often and customise map options.

Running your own server opens up loads of possibilities, if you want to get really technical you can also modify the loot and resource distribution, introduce starting packages and have special scheduled server events. Having a server gives you more freedom and allows you to play RUST the way you want too.

Why join someone else’s server when you can create your own.

How many player slots do you need?

Typically RUST server providers offer packages between 50 – 500 slots. However you can find some companies that will offer smaller packages between 20 – 50 slots for more casual gamer’s. If you want to avoid wasting money on a server that is too big, go with a smaller host that offers one of these smaller packages.

RUST Server Size

If you have loads of friends that play RUST and want to create a community, then 50 – 100 slots is a good size. If you’re more casual and you plan on hosting a PVE server a 20 player package will keep the cost down and meet your requirements. If you start small you can always upgrade at a later date, it’s better to pay more in the future than waste money on slots you will never fill.

DDOS Protection

Does the company offer DDOS Protection? Distributed Denial of Service attacks are commonly used to shutdown your server. This can be done by directing multiple sources of traffic at your service in order to slow it down or completely render it useless. It’s pretty standard practice for a hosting company to offer DDOS protection as they will apply it to all their servers in order to best protect themselves as well.

I would say that 90% of companies included DDOS protection in their pricing, however some do add additional charges for more niche locations. If you’re unsure about your server being protected, ask the customer service team before you buy or check the website. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Can you save money with branding?

Some companies will offer you a small discount if you’re willing to add their branding to your service. A branded server will usually have the company’s name in the server IP and also have regular messages appear on the chat display in-game. This can be annoying for you and your players, but if you don’t mind you can easily save a couple of dollars.

Server List Branding

However if you’re planning to set up a community or serious server you may want to keep the chat clear and your title on theme with your server. You can usually find the branding option at the check out.

Should you pay more for a RUST server?

It’s not unusual to think that you have to pay more in order to get more. However this isn’t the case when it comes to server hosting. American and European players can find basic servers for between $10 and $20. This will be the starting price and it will increase as you add more players. The price per player will get cheaper as your server gets bigger in most cases. Some companies will have fixed slot prices, but it’s pretty uncommon to see it done this way.

RUST Server Hosting Prices Example

Most basic packages require the same amount of resources to run so why does a server cost more? If you require better clock speeds and higher CPU priority you will need to pay extra for this. These options are usually additional features that do not come as standard.

In conclusion the pricing will usually depend on your requirements. If a company seems overly expensive and doesn’t match your budget find another one. You can find the cheapest “reliable” companies on our homepage.

Reviews and community response

Always do your own research before you commit to one provider. There are plenty of websites including Reddit, Steam Community threads and community review sites that openly talk about their experience with a hosting company. Players are always happy to share their opinions and will give you their unbiased views, good or bad.

If a hosting company has been shady or provided a poor service you are sure to hear about it on a review site. If you are using trust pilot as a source for reviews try to stick to hosts that are over a 4 star rating. 3 to 4 stars are average and anything below is a red flag in my opinion.


To conclude my research I would like to close this article with a simplified version of all the areas you should consider when renting a RUST server:

  • Stick to your budget
  • Read reviews from multiple sources
  • Inquire about DDOS protection and other server features
  • Check if the company offers backups, world migration and mod support
  • Trial the server before you rent if possible
  • Compare costs using my homepage research
  • Check for discounts and branding incentives
  • Consider how many players you want to host for

If this guide has helped you please be sure to share it with your friends. I have worked hard to gather as much research and data as I can to bring you the cheapest yet most “reliable” servers I can find on the internet. If you would like to see the full details of the cheapest RUST servers including cheapest starting price and cheapest 30 player, check out the homepage.