Dedicated Server vs. Shared Hosting

RUST LogoRUST is an online multiplayer game that involves players either starting their own server or joining one that is being run by someone else.

If it’s your first time playing RUST you can simply start the game and generate a world that is hosted on your computer. This is the easiest option and will allow you to play with friends.

Hosting on your own computer can be troublesome when you start to attract more players to your server, for example you will have to be logged on for your server to be live, this means your friends will not be able to play when you are away from the world.

You may also find that your world starts to lag as you build more and have more players on the server. This is because your computer may be struggling to match the resources demanded to run a server.

If you find that you are struggling to run a server on your machine you have two options to improve your world for you and your players. You can either host your world on a dedicated server or rent a shared server from a third party.

Shared RUST Hosting

Hosting a RUST server via a third party company has to be one of the more popular options out of the two.

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It gives the players more access to the settings and files of their world but offers an easy to use control panel (like TCAdmin) that makes it far easier than managing the server back-end.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to running this type of service, which I will cover next.

Advantages of shared RUST hosting

The advantages of shared game server hosting include:

1. Cheapest Option

Shared hosting is by far the cheapest option for RUST players and you can start renting a server today for as little as $10 for a 50 player server. This is fantastic value for money and is about 70% cheaper than renting a dedicated server.

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You can view a list of the cheapest RUST servers on the homepage.

2. Instant Set up

The quickest way to set up a server is to rent one.

Renting a RUST server allows you to avoid having to set up the server yourself which can be a very difficult task if you have very little experience in this area. Luckily third party companies offer instant set up so you will receive your server in a matter of minutes after paying.

3. 24 Hour Support

New players can get a lot of support from game server hosting companies as they specialise in hosting games.

If you have any queries or need help changing your settings they will be able to help you with the support tickets.

4. Mod Support

Mod support is essential for players as it’s great to be able to change up your world whenever you want to. 90% of shared server providers will offer this as part of the package price.

5. Server Guides and Forums

Many of the popular hosting companies will have their own dedicated server guides and forums that help their users and teach them how to run their server more officially.

RUST Forum

You can find mod-instalment guides and configuration explanations both in video and text format.

Disadvantages of shared RUST hosting

The disadvantages of shared game server hosting are pretty limited, but they include:

1. One World Per Subscription

You can only run one world on each shared server that you rent.

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This isn’t a huge problem for casual players but can be rather restricting if you want to create many different worlds to play on.

You could of course just rent a second shared server but it would be more effective to rent a dedicated server if you were looking to run multiple worlds at the same time.

A Dedicated RUST Server

Renting a dedicated server (a whole machine in a rack-mount casing in a data-center for clarity) with the sole purpose of running a RUST game server for you and friends.

Advantages of dedicated RUST hosting

The advantages of dedicated game server hosting include:

1. Full Server Access

Complete control of a server allows you to tweak every aspect of it, both hardware and the files you upload can be changed.

Server Maintenance

You won’t have shared hosting companies blocking off access to certain areas.

2. Run Multiple Worlds

Dedicated servers allow you to split the server up into shared sections that will allow you to run multiple RUST worlds at the same time.

These multiple worlds are a great option for large communities that want to create different variations of worlds for their players.

This also makes it a cheaper option than shared hosting if you’re running more than 5 worlds at the same time.

3. Pick Your Specifications

A dedicated server can come with lots of different specs which will affect the overall cost of the server.


This will allow you to fully customize the type of word you want to create. Add more RAM, increase the CPU and more.

Disadvantages of dedicated RUST hosting

There are more disadvantages than advantages to dedicated RUST hosting, although its mainly the price.

1. Server Setup

If you have limited server knowledge you will not be able to run a dedicated server unless you are willing to learn a lot of server management.

Dedicated machines are rented blank so you will need to upload all the RUST files and troubleshoot any problems yourself.

2. Limited RUST Support

If you’re renting a dedicated server you will often only be given support in regards to the server and not the games you want to host on it.

This can technically be avoided if you choose a dedicated server from a game server company BUT it is a lot cheaper to rent a dedicated server from a regular server company.

The Final Verdict

Overall shared hosting is aimed more at beginner and intermediate players who want to set up a server that is both flexible but easy to use. For more information on how to pick the best shared RUST server hosting head over to my guide I prepared here.

The price is incredibly cheap which makes this a very popular option amongst RUST players.

If you’re looking for a server that is more in depth and requires a more hands on approach than you should perhaps consider a dedicated server. However this is for more advanced players that have technical server knowledge or server management skills.

Yes, the dedicated server is the more expensive option but you can get your money’s worth if you have a large community, want to run multiple worlds or plan on adding loads of mods.

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