9 Tips For New RUST Players

Many new players often struggle to get ahead in RUST due the quick pace and constant raiding on servers. All players recall their naked days and often have tips on how to get past the initial game hurdles.

After you have got yourself some fancy new cheap RUST server hosting using my guide I have put together you will be ready to play online with friends.

Experience is often what helps advanced players last so long. I have compiled a list of the top 9 survival tips recommended by experienced RUST players.

My Top 9 Tips For RUST Players List

1. Hide your gear

RUST Secret Stash

The start of the game can be difficult for new players; you will need to collect enough resources to build your base and craft some weapons. This process can be made a lot easier if you use the item “Secret Stash.”

This nifty little item allows you to conceal your hard earned resources and can be a life saver at the start of the game. If you’re new, chances are you will be getting killed a lot because of your inexperience with the game.

The best advice I have is to find a secluded spot where you can set up a sleeping bag and a secret stash. Try to return back to your stash as often as possible to avoid losing your items upon death.

2. Be on the lookout

RUST Lookout TowerRUST is known for its overly aggressive players. It won’t take long before you encounter another player who wants to kill you and take your loot. You can’t avoid other people forever but you can be tactical about how you move from location to location.

Always remember to stay out of the open when you’re at a low level. Sticking to the trees and crouching in bushes is an excellent way to avoid confrontation. If you see a building try to walk around it and keep out of sight. One wrong move and you could end being chased by a whole gang of raiders.

If you’re struggling To avoid players, try joining a PVE server. Players are lot friendlier on these servers and typically work together rather than against each other. It’s more casual and it’s a great place to improve your skills as a player.

3. Build a starter base

Don’t worry too much about building a good starter base. Players will often build small bases to store their stuff and avoid combat when they first start the game. Typically you will build a bigger base or join another group of players who already have a base that you can stay in.

RUST Starter Base

A good starter base should be simple, you don’t want to waste all of your resources building something that you will eventually leave. Make enough room for somewhere to sleep and some storage. I have always noticed that super simple bases are often overlooked by raiding parties. If you build a stone hut most players won’t even think there’s anything inside and won’t bother wasting their time taking a look. If you can keep a low profile when around your base, you will improve your chances of not being spotted by hostiles.

4. Build a secondary Base

If you have the resources than it’s worth building a second base in a different location.

It’s not compulsory but it will add a lot of value to your safety in the long run.

Secondary Base

Having a second base gives you an extra safe space if your first base is ever raided or compromised.

There’s nothing worse than having your base raided and being left with nothing.

Try to split your loot between different locations in order to minimize your overall risk.

5. Use water to your advantage

RUST Water JugUsing your terrain can give you a major advantage if you’re trying to avoid being raided. If you can choose a location that has water either side of it you can create a bottleneck.

Raiders will have to either run around the water giving you enough time to prepare for an invasion or swim through the water which will make them easier for you to shoot. Swimming through water slows your opponent down and they won’t be able to return fire while they’re in the water.

Having a base surrounded by some water gives you a great advantage when it comes to spotting enemies as well. If you build a sniper tower you could easily keep raiders away. Using the terrain smartly can significantly improve your chances of survival.

6. Gain battle experience

If you’re looking to gain battle experience without having to grind for gear you can join a Battlefield Server.

These are community servers that allow you to jump into a game with your choice of starting weapons.

It’s a death-match with between 100 and 500 players. If you die you will instantly re-spawn with more weapons.

Community servers are a great place to learn how to use each weapon and improve your accuracy. This tip will greatly improve your survival skills and give you a fighting chance when you get caught in a showdown.

7. Scout your location

You may find that the spot you originally picked for your base is starting to attract attention. Ideally you want to keep the radius around you clear of other settlers unless they are part of your gang. A naked can seem harmless when they walk past you. But if they set up a base 100 meters away this can cause problems. Left unchecked they could quickly build a solid base and come knocking on your door within a matter of hours.

Scout The Mountains

You should also check the resources near you. Having plenty of wood and stone near you is great for farming resources when you’re running low. But only harvest the resources near your base when you need them. It can be very obvious that someone is living nearby if you see chopped trees and a lack of resources laying on the ground. This may attract unwanted attention from raiders.

8. Choose the right tool for the job

Only keep what you need on you. At the start you will have very little to defend yourself with, so try to only carry what you need for the task at hand. For example if you are planning on chopping down trees, only take a torch, a hatchet and a knife.

These are the minimum items required to harvest wood. Even if you have clothes, don’t wear or bring them with you, this will make you appear like a new player giving you a perceptual advantage.

Many advanced players won’t even bother with a naked player (unless provoked). However you can still be attacked by wolves so make sure you are cautious.

As you get better you can start adding gear and weapons to your resource gathering gear. A gun and armor are fantastic for protecting yourself, but it will take a lot of time and resources to obtain this gear.

9. Play with friends

If you have friends that play RUST ask to join their clan. You’re more likely to survive if you hang around with lots of players.

Fire fights can often be a numbers game. Which means gangs with less members will often think twice about attacking larger gangs. Remember safety in numbers.

RUST Friends

If you don’t have any friends to play with you can always advertise on the RUST Reddit page or the Steam Community.

There are loads of players just like you that are looking for clan members and players for casual games. It’s easy just contact them directly on their post or write your own post.